A Hundred Schools of Thought (12″ Random Mixed Color Vinyl)

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A compilation of beats by yaomoney. These instrumentals were created with just under a year of beat making experience. This album will take you on a magical, mystical, ancient journey from beginning to end.
*Vinyl will come in random mixed color, not necessarily the color pictured.

Side A
  1. Alive
  2. Start with Today
  3. Beauty Unmatched
  4. Clarity
  5. Learning Experiences
  6. Big Dreams
  7. Fitted to Survive
  8. Reign on Me
  9. The Tears of Sichuan Province
  10. A New Era

Side B

  1. The Start of Your Ending
  2. Curse the Darkness
  3. Tragedies of War
  4. Conform
  5. Up the Yangtze
  6. Brighter Days
  7. Peace of Mind
  8. Yangtze River
  9. I Fly High
  10. Tears from the Sky

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3 reviews for A Hundred Schools of Thought (12″ Random Mixed Color Vinyl)

  1. Dave

    Dope chill asian vibessssss

  2. D Dot

    Love this record! Dope find.

  3. Eddie

    Really love the feels from this record! Takes me on a journey to Asia 🙂

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